NOUN Correction Of Name & Birth Date Before Graduation


NOUN Correction Of Name & Birth Date Before Graduation: Either your name was misspelled or birth date wrongly selected, do the following before your final semester in school to ensure it’s corrected before you graduate.

This may occur as a typical error before or even after submission of registrations.

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NOUN Correction Of Name & Birth Date Before Graduation.

1. Get an affidavit for correction of name at the court in your closest L.G.A. headquarters.

2. Contact vanguard or any other national newspaper publishers. For vanguard send an email to or just to notify them on what you want to do.

3. You’d be asked to pay ₦3,000 or ₦4,000 maximum for NOUN Correction Of Name.

4. Send your proof of payment and a scanned copy of the affidavit to an email address that they recommend.

5. You’d be told on which day to check out for your publication. Buy the newspaper for the day even 2 copies after you’ve seen your name in the list.

6. Take the page in the newspaper where your name appeared along with your admission letter and last course registration slip to your study centre IT Officer and submit them.

Note: For the date of birth, only an affidavit is required.

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