NOUN Pen On Paper Exam Tricks and Tips

NOUN Pen On Paper Exam Tricks and Tips: Exams always have a way of making students shiver unnecessarily. It usually create mixed feelings of excitement and pressure.

More unsettling and confusing is the situation with distant learning students, you have little or no interaction among students which could help answer some of the questions that pop up while exams are already in session.

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NOUN Pen On Paper Exam Tricks and Tips.

POP Exam Tips

Ensure your clearance and students ID card are done ahead of exam date and in your possession. Make your way to your study centre ahead of time not forgetting your face mask. Make your way into the exam hall and quietly take your sit.

In exam, Always begin your write up with capital letter, for example, “management” should begin with a capital “M”, Some little or basic writing skills can improve your overall grade in noun exams.

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When you are done with a line. Add full stop. Know where to add comma(,).

When asked to list 10 things, you can list 5 and explain, Or list 10 and explain 5 it’s acceptable. When listing things, use Roman figures, eg; i, ii, iiii, iv, v etc.

Go through all the questions first and start with the one you have best knowledge of. This gives the examiner a positive impression about you, first impression matters. Waste no precious time on non compulsory questions, focus on your areas of strength.

POP Exam Tricks.

Do not forget to write your correct matric number, it is as good as been absent for the paper if you do.

Remember you have done this noun exams before, remove fear and stay focused as usual, Pretend like you’re solving your TMAs but this time you’ve got exam invigilators monitoring you.

What You Need to Know About NOUN Pen On Paper Exam.

No lateness into exam hall.

No second batch in all exams, once the exam starts the time starts counting for everyone so if you are living far try to get accommodation nearer for the period of exam

Ensure to use course code and not tittle because some courses have similar course title. Ensure to use your faculty booklet for pop exam, if it is borrowed course use the booklet for the borrowed course

Exam malpractice is a very serious issue so don’t be caught if you are not prepared or ready for any exam please differ

For those with transfer issue go to exam hall with your transfer letter, and if your portal suddenly display Sokoto Study Centre instead of Abeokuta Study Centre go with admission letter.

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