NOUN Students Examination Guidelines and Regulations

NOUN Students Examination Guidelines and Regulations: Examination constitutes a very important aspect of the University’s activities. The University wishes to state categorically that the conduct of its examinations is taken seriously.

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NOUN Students Examination Guidelines and Regulations.

The University will not condone any form of examination misconduct. Students are advised to abide by the following rules and guidelines

  1. A student’s matriculation number serves as his/her examination number. Only Matriculates will be allowed to sit for examinations. A student must write his/her matriculation number on his/her answer booklet before commencing answering the questions.
  2. Students should normally write examinations at their designated centres.
  3. Students must bring to the examination hall their writing materials and any other material, which may be permitted by the University for a particular examination. These materials must have been listed as essential for certain question(s).
  4. Students arriving an hour after the commencement of an examination shall be allowed to sit for the examination only at the discretion of the Supervisor. Such a student will not be allowed extra time.

Note: Don’t use this as an excuse to attend late, your supervisor still decides

5. Once a student is admitted into the examination hall, he/she may not leave the hall until he/she has finished with the examination. If for any cogent reason the student must leave the Hall, he/she must do so with the permission of the Supervisor.

6. A student must be accompanied by an invigilator if permitted to leave the examination hall temporarily (e.g. visiting the restroom, etc.)

7. No answer booklets other than those supplied by the University are allowed in the examination hall. All rough works must be done in the supplied answer booklets and crossed out neatly. All supplementary answer sheets/booklets must be tied/attached to the Main answer booklet.

8. Silence must be observed in the examination hall. Any student requiring the attention of the invigilator should raise his/her hand.

9. Any activity or behaviour which may be construed as examination misconduct or malpractice (e.g. cheating etc.) shall be liable to discipline in accordance with the university?s rules and regulations governing examination as contained in the Students? Handbook.

10. Communication between students is strictly forbidden during examinations. Any student found receiving or giving assistance would be sanctioned. Such a student may be required to withdraw from the examination and subsequently made to face the university examination malpractice panel.

11. Students are not permitted to smoke, or sing, or pray aloud, or engage in any activity that may distract others in the examination halls.

12. Bags and briefcases are not allowed in examination halls. The University will not be liable for any loss or damage of a student’s personal effects/property.

13. Unauthorized materials (such as textbooks, course materials, notebooks, sheets/scraps of papers), in printed or electronic form, are not allowed in examination halls.

14. Pagers and mobile phones are not permitted at all in examination halls.

15. Students must observe the Supervisor’s instructions regarding the commencement and end of an examination. Students who start writing before being told to do so, or who continue writing after being asked to stop would be sanctioned.

An excerpt from NOUN students/faculty handbook on NOUN Students Examination Guidelines and Regulations.


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