NOUN Registration Guideline For All Students


NOUN Registration Guideline For All Students: You are expected to register all the registerable core courses available in your portal and at least one elective course for each semester.

Every semester has list of core and elective courses available for registration. Every student is at liberty to pick any course of choice.

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NOUN Registration Guideline For All Students.

If you Registered a course wrongly, you can go to your study centre and ask the IT Officer to drop the course, after it must have been done, your money would return to your e-wallet and you will be able to make fresh Registration with the money.

Dropping of courses normally begins last week of registrations period.

Every undergraduate student has 8 years from the time of admission to graduate (that’s double of your normal 4 years). After 8 years, there might be no certificate for you.

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Financial Situation.

The doubled duration of studies gives you the opportunity to register at least half of your courses in a given Semester in case of financial problems.

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