MUST READ: What Every 300 Level Students of NOUN Should Know


What Every 300 Level Students of NOUN Should Know: For those done with their 200L in National Open University (NOUN), I want to congratulate everyone for the successful completion of 200 level examination and the full escape of NOUN e-exam. No more facing of the computer.

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What Every 300 Level Students of NOUN Should Know.

Disadvantages of NOUN E-exam.

  • E-exam is the kind of exam where you cannot express yourself.
  • E-exam is the kind of exam where you don’t write base on your own understanding.
  • E-exam is the kind of exam where you fail not because you don’t know the answer but because you couldn’t get the spelling correctly.
  • In e-exam failure to add just (s) can fail you.
  • In e-exam you will be sitting with someone doing the same course with you but you both are having different questions.

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Advantages of NOUN E-exam.

  • In e-exam no one can manipulate your scores after submitting.
  • In e-exam no one can fail you because he or she hates you.
  • In e-exam, most times right clicking on the already typed word can suggest the correct spelling for the word.
  • In e-exam not everything the examiners can set as question because they know you can’t type them with computer.
  • In e-exam if you truly read the course the sentence used in the question can reminds you the missing word because it is fill in the gap.

Having digested the crucial notice for NOUN 300L students, you also need to know what Pen on Paper examination is all about.

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Hints About NOUN Pen On Paper (P.O.P) Examination.

  • The exam you can write based on your own understanding.
  • The exam you can express yourself.
  • Exam where you can be awarded a mark because he or she knows and get your point of view.
  • Exam you can be considered for misspelling a letter.

Note : Pen on paper is the kind of exam you write and still have to fast and prayer because you don’t know under what influence is the marker before handling your script either been offended by wife or husband or the worse been drunk.

It is the exam you have to construct every answer needed of you.

It is the exam where you can be asked to do anything e.g drawing of diagram and labeling.

It is the exam that doesn’t have any sentence to suggest to you the missing word. ✓Most scaring it doesn’t have objective to gaze answer.

Finally, question number one is compulsory.

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Final Notes on What Every 300 Level Students of NOUN Should Know.

Based on experience I so much believe that most of us are so use to typing with phones where word completion does 90% of the correction of mistakes.

We are so use to short hand chatting technique where “U” can be used for YOU and “B4” can be used for BEFORE.

Since we are now going to be writing exam that will require you to construct your own sentence, please I advise you pick a topic to write a story and see how fluent and conversant you are with some word and how well you can still get the spellings of some words to avoid stories that touches.

Kindly share this article if you find it helpful. Cheers 😉 !!!

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