Important Information For All NOUN Students


Important Information For All NOUN Students: Students should take note of the following changes made in the portal. Course materials are now available, for download, after you have registered for the exam. The download link is available on your exam Registration slip.

The student now see both the wallet balance and the number of credit units registered ( for exam plus Project) on the homepage . If Registration results in a negative wallet balance, it is aborted. Please register according to available funds in your wallet.

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Important Information For All NOUN Students.

Course Registration is strictly limited to the students current virtual level and Semester, determined by the year and Semester of entry. Therefore, portal only displays registerable courses for the students current virtual level and lower level ( for Carry-overs, e.t.c)


Student clearance will be stopped at various study centre till further notice. You are also advised to find a means of contacting students already cleared to stop coming down to the Headquarters. This becomes necessary to avoid incurring unnecessary expenses and road hazards during this period of system maintenance and upgrade. While we regret whatever inconveniences this outcome might cause Thank you. Signed Management.

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Good News!

I write to inform you all that management has successfully concluded its ongoing server upgrade. Fresh admission,Semester, Course and Exam Registration Exercise has commenced fully for this current semester. We advice all students to commence payment of their school fees.

Finally, last semester results will be released soonest to your individual portals. thank you all for your positive mind set, calmness,patient and believing in the system for quality service delivery.

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