How To Partake In NOUN Virtual Examination

How To Partake In NOUN Virtual Examination: As a student of the National Open University of Nigeria, you are at liberty to choose where to write your examination following the guidelines and abiding by all the rules afterwards.

Note that all request for NOUN virtual examination are made through

How To Partake In NOUN Virtual Examination.

This article gives you a genuine guide on easy steps to partake and also do great in NOUN virtual examination.

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Policies For Virtual/OnDemand Examination In National Open University Of Nigeria.

1. A student must apply for examinations by completing the electronic application form for ondemand Virtual Examinations.

2. The student should have dully registered to take the examinations.

3. The student must sign the undertaking on the virtual examination on-demand
application form that he/she is computer literate enough to do virtual examinations.

4. The student must have interacted with his/her Course Material for a minimum of 8
weeks from the date of course registration.

5. The student must have completed Tutor-Marked Assignments (TMAs) 1-3 for all
courses that he or she is demanding to be examined on.

6. There must be a “Proctor” to supervise the exams wherever the student is taking
the examinations.

7. The Directorate of Examinations and Assessment will determine the date and mode of the examinations.

8. The Head of Department (HOD) must have provided Test Items for the courses to
be examined.

9. All other rules and regulations approved by the University Senate for the conduct
of examinations must be adhered to.

After placing the request for the exams you’d receive an email that contains your
password. You can then use the password to login to the or you follow the link sent to you in the email.

Timetable will be available at

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