National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Admission Form


National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Admission Form: This is to inform the General public that the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) 2021/2022 Admission form is out.

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National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) Admission Form.

Below are the list of programmes offered in Noun.

Faculty Of Arts (Undergraduate):

  1. B.A. English
  2. B.A. French
  3. B.A. Arabic
  4. B.A. Hausa
  5. B.A. Igbo
  6. B.A. Yoruba
  7. B.A. Islamic Studies
  8. B.A. Christian Religious Studies
  9. B.A. Philosophy

NOUN Postgraduate Admission Form:

  1. PGD. Christian Religious Studies
  2. M.A. Christian Religious Studies
  3. M.A. English Language
  4. M.A. Islamic Studies

Faculty Of Agricultural Sciences – Undergraduate:

  1. Agric. Agricultural Economics and Agro Business
  2. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development
  3. Agric. Animal Science
  4. Agric. Soil and Land Resources Management
  5. B.Agric Crop Science


  1. PGD Agricultural Extension and Management

Faculty Of Management Sciences Undergraduate:

  1. B.Sc. Business Administration
  2. B.Sc. Public Administration
  3. B.Sc. Marketing
  4. B.Sc. Accounting
  5. B.Sc. Banking and Finance
  6. B.Sc. Entrepreneurship
  7. B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural Development


  1. PGD. Business Administration
  2. PGD. Public Administration
  3. PGD. Entrepreneurship
  4. Masters in Business Administration
  5. Masters in Public Administration
  6. M.Sc. Business Administration
  7. M.Sc. Public Administration
  8. M.Sc. Entrepreneurship

NOUN Admission FormFaculty Of Health Sciences (Undergraduate).

  1. B.NSc. Nursing (new)
  2. B.NSc. Nursing (Direct Entry)
  3. B.Sc. Public Health
  4. B.Sc. Environmental Health Science


PGD. Public Health

M.Sc. Public Health

Faculty of Science – Undergraduate:

  1. B.Sc. Computer Science
  2. B.Sc. Information Technology
  3. B.Sc. Environmental Management and Toxicology
  4. B.Sc. Mathematics
  5. B.Sc. Maths and Computer Science
  6. B.Sc. Biology
  7. B.Sc. Chemistry
  8. B.Sc. Physics


  1. PGD. Information Technology
  2. M.Sc. Information Technology

Faculty Of Education – Undergraduate:

  1. B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science
  2. B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology
  3. B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry
  4. B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science
  5. B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science
  6. B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics
  7. B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics
  8. B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education
  9. B.A (Ed.) Early Childhood Education
  10. B.A (Ed.) English
  11. B.A (Ed.) French
  12. B.A (Ed.) Primary Education
  13. B.Sc.(Ed) Health Education
  14. B.LIS Library Science
  15. B.Sc.(Ed) Human Kinetics


  1. M.ED. Educational Technology
  2. M.ED. Science Education
  3. PGD. Education
  4. M.ED. Administration and Planning
  5. M.ED. Guidance and Counselling

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Faculty Of Social Sciences – Undergraduate:

  1. B.Sc. Economics
  2. B.Sc. Mass Communication
  3. B.Sc. Film Production
  4. B.Sc. Political Science
  5. B.Sc. Tourism Studies
  6. B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  7. B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies
  8. B.Sc. Broadcast Journalism
  9. B.Sc. Development Studies


  1. PGD. Economics
  2. PGD. Mass Communication
  3. PGD. Criminology and Security Studies
  4. PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  5. M.Sc. Mass Communication
  6. M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  7. M.S.c Criminology and Security Studies

National Open University Of Nigeria PHD Programmes Admission Form:

  1. PhD Business Administration
  2. PhD Public Administration
  3. PhD Mass communication
  4. PhD Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
  5. PhD Information Technology
  6. PhD Christian Theology
  7. PhD Educational Administration
  8. PhD Educational Technology
  9. PhD Science Education
  10. PhD Educational Planning
  11. PhD Mathematics Education

NOTE: You must have 5 credits in your GCE, WAEC, NECO or any other Olevel result.  OND and NCE result is acceptable for Direct entry into 200 level programme.

Also, Nursing applicant must be a practicing nurse. With practice licence of at least 6 months experience for BNSC nursing programme.

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