Top 10 Benefits of Taking NOUN TMA As A NOUN Student


Top 10 Benefits of Taking NOUN TMA As A NOUN Student: The National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) usually release TMA (Tutors mark Assignment) for each semesters. Which is always compulsory for all students.

All students are advised to submit their TMA before the deadline for submission. As follows chronologically TMA 1, TMA 2 & TMA 3.

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Top 10 Benefits of Taking NOUN TMA.

Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) is based on your Exam Registration. It is necessary for you to attempt all the three (3) of open TMAs for each registered courses in order to be eligible to take an exam.

As a fresher at the National Open University of Nigeria, you might be wondering or confused about the term TMA. Do not worry, as I will share with you all you need to know about NOUN TMA and How to take TMA on NOUN TMA portal in 2021 semester.

Things You Need To Know About NOUN TMA.

1. TMA is the acronym of Tutor Marked Assignment, which is generally known as TEST in conventional universities.

2. It is the continuous assessment of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

3. It carries 30 marks while exams carry 70 marks.

4. It is of 3 sets which are TMA1, TMA2, and TMA3. A registered course, ENG341 Phonology of English for instance, has 3 TMA. Namely, TMA1, TMA 2, and TMA 3.

5. Each TMA has 10 questions.

6. It is done and submitted online.

7. Each TMA is graded over 10.

8. Your 3 TMA is what will be used for your assessment.

9. You cannot see your TMA questions again once it’s submitted.

10. If what happened last semester is to go by, it then means that you can’t see TMA 2 until you submit TMA 1. In the same way, until you submit TMA 2, you cant see TMA 3.

11. A good TMA score will go a long way in boosting your result at the end of the day.

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